STEM TO STEAM Method Cards



Initially conceived at the “Bridging STEM to STEAM” conference at the Rhode Island School of Design, these exercises communicate the value of bridging the fields of art / design, and science. The exercises offer routes to cross professional boundaries by encouraging people to communicate ideas in unconventional ways.

The method cards are meant to prompt you to explore and dissect your own perception of the world in order to inform the way you approach challenges, complex relationships or difficult problems.  



The cards are divided into five categories: discover, evolve, create, understand and design.  These categories show how you might first broaden how you interpret a challenge, and then synthesize knowledge in a creative way.   

Feel free to use these cards to help generate ideas or observe how an intuitive approach can invigorate a stalled or stale discussion.  


Babette Allina, Chris Rose, Brian Smith, Neal Overstrom, Sarah Ganz-Blythe, Sara Raffo, Jessica Herron, Arthur Yidi, Carly Ayres, Jessica Fanning, Andreas Nicholas.